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About us

The MC Bible study is a motivational Christian Bible Study that is designed to inspire you and get you excited about the word of God. We are dedicated to helping people in their spiritual journey and finding the motivation to live a Christian life. We want to encourage you in your daily walk with God, and we want you to be reminded of the truths in God’s word. If you want to be motivated to live a life that is pleasing to the Father, you have come to the right place! The Bible is a gift from God and there is no better gift than His word. We hope that this study encourages you in your daily walk with God and helps you find the motivation that you need to live a Christian life.

our pEople:
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Anton Low

Administrator / MC Bible Study

Dakota Baldwin

Pastor / MC Bible Study

Kaden Gonzales

Member / MC Bible Study

Thank you for joining our YouTube channel! We appreciate the opportunity to provide our thoughts and experiences to help others learn about Bible. We also welcome any feedback and would love to answer any questions about anything we discussed. Please email any of us if you have any questions. 

Also you can shoot us an E-Mail to

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