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In the Dnieper, paratrooper Artem Murakhovsky was taken on his last journey. He began to protect the


Killed in battles in the Donetsk region. This is reported by the Informant , referring to the Dnepropetrovsk OVA.

Artem showed an active life position while still a schoolboy. Childhood friends recall that the guy always sought to achieve freedom for his country and all people. Helped the weak. Protected those whom others tried to offend.

“Artem and I used to play football all the time in childhood. Grew up on this game. But I realized that we have a real friendship when he came to me in the army for an oath. The rest justified why they could not. And Artem collected money for the journey. And he fulfilled his promise, ”said Stanislav Korot, a close friend of the deceased.

The guy read a lot, was fond of philosophy. Relatives say he was a spiritual person and always smiled in the face of death. “Artem is one of the best people I have known. He tried to unite everyone, find common ground and build bridges,” said a friend of the fighter Maxim Kolesnik.

The guy's father says that it is extremely important for him that Artem was a man of honor. “I have always seen a child in my son. But when Artem volunteered for the Donbass, he realized that he was a grown man. Purposeful, courageous. I am proud of him,” said Alexander Murakhovsky.

Artem Murakhovsky did not have time to create his own family. He is survived by his parents, sisters and brother.

Platon Berezhnoy

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